5 Essential Items for Your Child's Holiday

5 Essential Items for Your Child's Holiday

Are you gearing up for a family holiday and wondering how to pack like a pro for your little adventurers? Well, look no further! We've got your back with the ultimate guide to kids travel essentials.

1. Penny Scallan Bento Box:

Let's start with the most important thing, fueling those little tummies while on the go! Our Penny Scallan Kids Bento Box is a game-changer when it comes to packing nutritious meals for your young explorers. With its handy compartments and cute designs, it keeps food organised, prevents mess, and don’t forget that they are oh-so-adorable. Fill your little one’s Bento Box with healthy snacks, fruits, and sandwiches for hassle-free munching all holiday long.

2. Wheelie Suitcase:

Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or car, this suitcase is the perfect companion for your little one's adventures, both in Australia and abroad. Crafted with a water-resistant 100% coated cotton canvas shell, it effortlessly withstands the demands of travel while keeping belongings safe and dry. The lightweight design makes it a breeze for your child to manoeuvre, and the easy-to-clean surface ensures that spills and messes can be wiped away in a flash. With a convenient handle that pops up, your little traveller can effortlessly tow their suitcase around the airport or simply roll it up to the front door. Prepare your child for exciting adventures with our Kids Wheelie Suitcase, a reliable and stylish companion for all family holidays!

3. Penny Scallan Duffle Bag:

Say goodbye to boring luggage! Our Penny Scallan Kids Duffle Bag is both stylish and practical, making it the perfect companion for your child's travel adventures. It's roomy enough to fit all their essentials and features adorable designs that will make them the envy of other young globetrotters. Let your little one feel like a mini world traveller with their very own travel bag!

4. Penny Scallan Hat:

Protecting your child from the sun's rays is crucial during outdoor excursions, particularly when heading on a summer family holiday. Our Penny Scallan Kids Hat's is not only fashionable but also offers UPF50+ sun protection. With playful prints and adjustable sizing, it's the ideal accessory for sunny beach days, afternoons of sightseeing, and everything in between. Let them explore with confidence while staying safe and cute!

5. Drink Bottles:

Our travel-friendly drink bottles are the perfect companion for your little ones on their adventures. Specifically designed for kids on the go, our stainless-steel Drink Bottle is not only durable but also leakproof, providing you with peace of mind. Whether it's rolling around on the car floor or getting tossed around in a backpack, you can trust that the contents will stay securely inside. The lid is designed to keep germs and dirt off the mouthpiece, plus, its pop-up drinking spout makes hydration a quick flip away.

We understand that accidents happen, which is why we offer replacement lids for those times when they may get chewed on or misplaced. Travel worry-free and keep your little ones hydrated with our reliable and convenient drink bottles, the ultimate thirst-quenching companion for their travels!

With our must-have travel essentials, your next holiday will be a playful and hassle-free experience. Don't forget to include our fun drink bottles, perfect for quenching your little ones' thirst while they explore. And let's not overlook the ever-reliable wheelie suitcases, designed to withstand any travel chaos and make your little globetrotters feel like mini adventurers. Top it all off with our stylish hats, duffle bags, and other must-have goodies, ensuring you have everything you need for a picture-perfect getaway.

So, whether you're soaring across the skies or playing in the sand, our delightful collection of travel essentials will be your family's trusty sidekick, bringing joy, comfort, and endless smiles to your next adventure!