How To Pack Your Kids’ Suitcase And Duffle Bags For Travel

How To Pack Your Kids’ Suitcase And Duffle Bags For Travel

Packing for a vacation in itself can be pretty challenging, and with your precious littlies in tow, it’s even harder. In addition to your own things, you have to worry about fitting all your kid-friendly travelling essentials for a fun and smooth trip.

To lessen the stress during your family adventure, here are some effective packing tips and tricks for travelling with kids!

Prepare a checklist beforehand

The basics of learning how to pack a suitcase or a duffle bag for travel is having a list of what to bring beforehand. This includes your little ones’ essentials such as diapers, wet wipes, extra clothes, and other accessories.

List the things you’ll need depending on the destination as well. Travelling during the rainy season? Bring your kids’ rainwear. Going on a beach trip? Pack a swim bag for their necessities. The more detailed your list, the easier your life will be.

Use packing cubes for kids’ essentials

For better and more effective packing, our number one tip is to use packing cubes. These handy compartments help to keep your little one’s clothes organised and together while also saving a lot of space in their suitcase. We recommend assigning a favourite colour to each family member so everyone knows whose cube is whose – especially when sharing suitcases!

Categorise similar outfits and pack them together

Another neat tip and trick for packing when you travel with children is to store their similar outfits together. This helps save time if you need your little ones to get ready quickly while away. For instance, if you’re going swimming, packing their swimsuits and towels in one cube is the way to go. Just fish it out of the suitcase and you’re good to go!

Roll their clothes, no folding

Ever folded your kids’ clothes, stacked them, and ended up with a messy pile when you opened their bag? Not fun, right? If you can’t pack their clothes in cubes, roll them instead. It’s better than folding because it saves space and prevents creases. Your little one will look so cute and photo-ready with their fresh, wrinkle-free outfits, even after hours packed in a suitcase!

Limit the toys you bring

While toys are sometimes a must to help keep your kids occupied, don’t bring all of them. Having too much in their bags is just added weight. Plus, if you’re travelling via air, this is a packing tip no-no. The extra weight might force you to check in your bag rather than carry it on the plane with you. Let them choose what they want to bring and save some space for the new toys you’ll undoubtedly add to the collection during the trip.

It might seem tedious to pack all your kiddos’ things for your trip, but just follow the effective travel packing tips and tricks above and it’ll be a breeze. Once that’s all done, you can focus on having a good time with your little explorers!

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