Penny Scallan's Rainwear for Kids - Embrace the Rain in Style

Penny Scallan's Rainwear for Kids - Embrace the Rain in Style

Stylishly Splashy: The Best Kids Wet Weather Gear from Penny Scallan

Bring a splash of style to drizzly moments with Penny Scallan’s collection of kids wet weather gear. Designed with the perfect blend of functionality and fun, Penny Scallan's rainwear collection keeps kids warm, dry, and stylish when the skies are grey.

Rainy days don’t need to be dreary and damp; explore the outdoors and have some playful adventures with your little one’s in our range of kid's rainwear that will brighten up any grey sky!

Playful Rainwear Combinations

Looking for kids' rainwear in Australia? Look no further than Penny Scallan – we have everything from gumboots to rain jackets and kids umbrellas to keep your little one’s warm and weatherproof! Fun and functional, our rainwear collection allows you to mix and match products to create playful and stylish combinations. Say goodbye to dull rainy days and hello to fashion-forward fun with Penny Scallan's rainwear combinations, keeping your kids weatherproof for years to come!

Splash About in The Best Gumboots for Kids

Gumboots for kids are a must-have for any outdoor exploration during the rainy season. Penny Scallan arguably produces the best kid's gumboots in Australia, thanks to their beyond functional features; they’re a fashion statement, as well as being practical.

Made from pure rubber with slip-resistant soles, these boots provide a secure grip for little feet, and a toe guard protects against bumps and scrapes, ensuring safety during puddle jumps and tree climbing. The best part? The 100% cotton lining is available in an adorable Penny Scallan print, which adds a pop of colour and fun to the boys and girl's gumboots. With a matching silicone charm doubling as a name tag, kids can now easily find their gumboots in a sea of rainy-day footwear at kinder or school.

Stay Dry in Style with Penny Scallan Kids’ Raincoats

When the rain starts to pour, you can rely on Penny Scallan kids' raincoats to keep your little ones warm and dry. Designed with a soft lining for extra comfort and warmth, these raincoats are perfect for drizzly school mornings or weekend walks in winter.

The hoods provide shelter from the wet weather, and the two pockets are perfect for storing little treasures found in the wilderness or keeping a comfy cuddly safe from the downpour. Available in a range of stylish and colourful designs, these kids' raincoats keep your child protected whilst still enabling them to express their individuality and explore the outdoors in comfort and style.

Brighten Up Grey Skies with Penny Scallan’s Kids Umbrellas

On the days where the rain just won't stop pouring, Penny Scallan’s colourful and vibrant kids’ umbrellas are the perfect accessory to bring some joy to your day. Designed with a soft rubber handle and strong fiberglass ribs, these umbrellas are both simple and safe to use for all ages!

From cheerful animals to playful patterns, let your little one’s pick their next kid’s umbrella to suit their unique personality and add a touch of playfulness to every dull day! With a Penny Scallan kids umbrella in hand, your child will be excited to venture outdoors, even in the rain!

Quality and Durability: Rainwear Built to Last

As parents, we want our children's rainwear to withstand the elements and last through more than one rainy season. Penny Scallan offers quality kids rainwear that is durable and dependable; each piece of rainwear is crated with the utmost care and attention to detail, so all outdoor adventures are protected. With Penny Scallan's rainwear, you can rest assured that your investment will not only keep your children dry and comfortable, but also stand the test of time.

Penny Scallan's kids rainwear collection brings a perfect balance of style and functionality to the rainy season. From gumboots to raincoats and kid's umbrellas, our range of playful designs and high-quality materials make rainy days more enjoyable for the whole family. Embrace the rain in style with Penny Scallan's rainwear and let your little one's splash and play with confidence and shine. With these adorable and reliable rain essentials, you'll be ready to conquer any weather with a smile!