Swimming Essentials: What To Put In Your Kids’ Bags

Swimming Essentials: What To Put In Your Kids’ Bags

Whether your kids simply love swimming or they’re just starting out at swimming lessons, there are a few things to remember when packing for the pool. Aside from the essentials: bathers, towels, sunscreen, there are a few things you don’t want to forget to save you any drama or chaos when wrangling the kids at the pool.

Swimming bag for kids

The first thing you will need is a kids’ sports/swim bag to hold all of their swimming gear. From kids’ swimming accessories such as goggles and caps to anything extra like water bottles and sun hats, make sure to pack all these in a bag big enough to hold everything, so they're all set for the pool. To find the best swim bag for toddlers, have a browse through our wide range of backpacks and duffle bags, even our water-resistant drawstring bags to find the right one for your Penny pal!


Of course, when packing for swimming lessons, you’ll want to ensure your kids' swim bag has a set of bathers inside. We also recommend packing their swim hat and rashie for extra sun protection on those hotter days.


Another, very important swimming accessory to remember when packing for the pool, is swim nappies for kids. You never know when your little one will have an accident, and we definitely don’t want them doing that in the pool itself. Bring more than one pair, just in case.


Once your little one moves on to lessons where they have to dip their heads underwater, goggles are a must-have swimming accessory for kids. Goggles will not only help protect their eyes against the harsh chemicals of pool water but they will also allow your little one to explore more of the world under water.

Water bottle

After a long session in the pool, your little ones will undoubtedly be feeling a bit tired and thirsty. Don’t forget to bring their water bottles so they can take a sip after the lessons or even in their breaks.


Whether your children are having their lessons at an indoor pool or outside in the sun, having a bottle of sunscreen in the kids’ swimming bags is always a safe bet. It’ll help ensure they’re always protected against the UV of the sun and prevent any nasty sunburns.


After the little ones are done with their lessons, they’ll be eager to dry themselves off. Be sure to pack a soft and fluffy towel to do so.

Extra clothes

Packing a change of clothes means your little one can dry off and head home in the comfort of their warm clothes, rather than in the cold of their sopping bathers. Make sure to have a separate plastic bag for their wet clothes, though. You can even use our water-resistant drawstring bags to put their bathers in and keep all their other items nice and dry. We don’t want the rest of their things getting wet!

Snacks and drinks

Swimming lessons can be quite tiring with all of that physical activity. So, it’s a good idea to pack some snacks to refuel your little ones after their lesson. Having some yummy snacks and refreshing drinks in your kids’ sports/swim bags can come in handy to keep your littlies satisfied. Pop them in a cute insulated lunch bag to maintain their temperature, even after an hour-long swimming class. Don’t forget snacks for you too!

Remember all these essentials the next time you’re taking your little swimmer for lessons. Don’t forget to put these all in a handy swimming bag for safekeeping. Buy our kids’ swim bags at Penny Scallan for high-quality, water resistant bags they’ll adore!